Well, I’m back

I recently returned from a trip home to the UK, during which I kept meaning to be productive and work on a couple of new posts (in particular one on Erendis, since my copy of “Unfinished Tales” is usually separated from me by an ocean), but that never happened. However, I did take a trip to Oxford, during which I made the obligatory Tolkien-fan pilgrimage to the Eagle and Chile (see photo)!

Erendis will see you soon, however – and I am also planning posts on what the Professor had to say about women in his “Letters”, Nellas, the ruling queens of Numenor, and Eowyn! In the meantime, I just allowed curiosity to get the better of me and checked out WordPress’s records of the search terms people have used to find my blog – the good, the bad, and the very, very weird. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights (and one lowlight):

who is a bigger mary sue luthien or arwen Luthien, obviously. Arwen doesn’t do anything. 

namo mandos slash “Shut it, Manwe! It’s sex with someone I love!”

nerdanel lovers Ooh er! Naughty Nerds! Still, with Feanor locked up in the Halls of Mandos for all eternity, who can blame her?

only interested in women that can fight Good to see that the wildlings beyond the Wall have finally got Internet access!

tolkin sausage Erm…

smeagols puzzels Let me guess, is the solution always “Precious”?

noldor wives Actually, that could be a good parody. “The Real Housewives of Valinor”, starring Indis, Nerdanel, Anaire and Earwen. Ratings gold (or should that be mithril)?

aredhel forced eol Well, that’s certainly an alternative reading of the story…

And the promised lowlight: giant arachnid raping woman. I dread to think what these people (astonishingly, this search term was used twice) were looking for, but they certainly didn’t find it…





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