The truth about the Vanyar?

Browsing the Silmarillion Confessions blog. I came across this:


Certainly made me chuckle, even though researching my next entry on Míriel is making me see poor Indis in a new, far more sympathetic light. Really she was in a no-win situation with Finwe & Son, and would probably have been better off staying up her mountain and singing hymns of praise to the Valar or whatever it is Vanyar do all day. (I´m serious. Noldor make stuff, including weapons, jewellry and a whole lot of trouble. Teleri build ships, and presumably go fishing. Sindar commune with the forest and get hitched to strange Maiar after looking into their eyes for decades. The rest of the Moriquendi are presumably occupied with the business of survival. What in Arda are the Vanyar for, apart from marrying high kings of the Noldor and annoying Feanor?)